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Mobile massages are available at your home for relaxation, rejuvenation and pampering.

Have you been thinking about getting a massage in Brighton & Hove, but aren’t sure how to go about it? You aren’t alone; lots of people are new to massage and aren’t sure where to start or what to expect. Your first massage can be an amazing experience if you know what you want and how to ask for it! The following guide on how to get the most out of your next massage will help you choose the right parlor, find the best available masseuse, pick the perfect massage type and size, and understand how to stay safe during the process. Learn more

What is Massage brighton & Hove

In its most basic form, massage is based on the idea that any part of our body, including our muscles and joints, can become tense and tight. When muscles are tight it causes us pain and discomfort so we naturally tend to tighten them even more. We call this protective response ‘tensing up’ and it occurs whether we are running or lying still. To relax our bodies, we need to learn how to let go of tension as well as holding onto it. Massage provides us with a very effective tool for doing that. Essentially massage brighton & Hove is about turning down your nervous system rather than trying to turn up your motor system. It is relaxation at work! massage brighton & Hove is known to help people with muscle tension and joint pains, chronic aches and pains such as low back pain. It can be an effective treatment for headaches, sports injuries and repetitive strain injuries such as tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome. By stimulating circulation, massage improves oxygen flow around the body helping to remove waste products like lactic acid from tired muscles after exercise making it ideal if you want relief from soreness after a tough workout or run! And when you have worked out some stress during your exercise session massage will help you feel good while working off some of those calories too! Having a massage also helps us recover mentally too because having someone else focus on taking care of us feels really nice! Read more

Elements of a good Massage brighton & Hove

A massage is best when it has certain elements. When you are selecting your massage brighton & Hove, look for someone who is experienced, professional and knowledgeable about massage brighton & Hove. Having an honest conversation with your prospective massage therapist will help you identify if they are good for you. Usually, you will be able to determine that on your own. However, there may be a few questions that you should ask when you schedule an appointment: What type of clients do they work with? How long have they been practicing their trade? Are they certified or licensed?  Do they offer any specials? Do they charge by the hour or by a package price? If so, how much does each option cost? These questions can help you find out what kind of massage brighton & Hove experience you can expect.

Finding a good massage

Looking for massage brighton & Hove can be daunting, especially if you’re new to town or relatively new to massage therapy. Luckily, with a few tips and resources, you can quickly find your way. Here are three steps for getting maximum benefits from your first massage experience:

  1. Find a licensed therapist: Licensed massage therapists will have training that allows them to practice massage on clients without supervision; unlicensed therapists might not be trained properly or might try out unconventional techniques on unsuspecting customers. It’s always worth checking licensing status before you get started so you know what to expect from your session and who is responsible for it.
  2. Look for credentials: The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) offers several professional credentials that should make up part of any thorough investigation into massage brighton & Hove . AMTA-certified therapists will have additional education beyond what state licensure requires, which is always beneficial when trying something new like massage therapy—plus it gives you more confidence about who is doing your massage!
  3. Do some research: Use online reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations to learn as much as possible about massage brighton & Hove providers before booking an appointment. You want someone you trust, and sometimes that means researching thoroughly. At least then you can focus on relaxing during your massage instead of worrying about who’s providing it. Read more

Tips for relaxation during the massage

If you are new to massage therapy, being relaxed is your number-one concern. After all, if you’re tense, you can’t enjoy yourself and benefit from your treatment.

Avoid overdoing it before your appointment. Exercise vigorously at least two hours before going to massage brighton & hove otherwise; you might cramp up when you get there, or have trouble relaxing during your session. Don’t eat a heavy meal beforehand either eating too much could make you feel bloated and uncomfortable. Avoid alcohol and drugs: If you drink alcohol or take recreational drugs right before getting massage brighton & Hove , your body will not be able to relax as well as it should, and that can actually hurt your treatment! Your masseuse may recommend that you avoid these substances for several days prior to massage therapy so that they don’t interfere with your treatment. Do bring water: You’ll probably be thirsty after massage brighton & Hove . Make sure you bring water with you to sip on during your treatment. It also helps if you plan on staying out afterwards if it’s summer, for example, and sunny outside, water is great for rehydrating after massage therapy. Wear loose clothing. You want to wear clothing that allows your therapist access to all parts of your body without restriction.


Getting a massage is an excellent way to relax after a long day, or celebrate just having one. With so many different types available, there are certainly plenty of ways that you can treat yourself! Whether it’s traditional shiatsu, thai massage or something else entirely, there’s no better feeling than giving yourself over to someone else. Next time you need some stress relief, try using our guide and making your visit even more relaxing. Enjoy!

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